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ReLife Paper Mill produces core board for cores, spiral tubes, in-line tubes and cardboard for cones and edge-corners.

Our company constantly invests in the technological innovation to improve the production systems and guarantee to its customers the best quality of product standards.

The improvement of the paper comes from recycled paper and the constant technological innovation have made ReLife Paper Mill an unique product in the production of a wide range of products to meet all the needs of the market worldwide.



The product is obtained by 100% of recycling paper in reels or cut in stripes. The final product is composed entirely of cardboard and waste paper of first quality, which is coming from the selection of ReLife’s platforms.

Relife Paper Mill and ReLife are a team formed to collect, select and regenerate the paper and close the cycle of resources in a circle of use and reuse. In the middle of this project there are the platforms of Recycling that are specialize in the selection and sorting of the waste. The collected paper during this process is regenerated by ReLife Paper Mill.

ReLife is the “global” partner, which has the philosophy of minimizing waste disposal.
ReLife operates with efficiency, professionalism and speed, in full compliance with environmental regulations to select with great accuracy the second raw material (MPS) that will be processed in the ReLife Paper Mill. ReLife is the modern and organized global partner which has perfected itself around the philosophy of minimizing waste disposal.

ReFuel develops projects to limit the disposal of foreign fractions removed in its sorting processes through the production of secondary Solid CSS fuel in the 20,000 square meter in Ovada plant.

Within a radius of no more than 100 km the circle is closed!

A new GREEN HUB for recycling in Italy and in the world