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ReLife Paper Mill is committed to the preservation of the natural environment, using the products like raw materials coming from the recycling of paper and cardboard.
The Paper Mill uses 100% of waste paper and recycled cardboard coming from separate collection, in this way it has obtained the FSC® certification.

The respect for the environment in which we live is very important because of that it is necessary to have reliable tools at the company to manage in the most efficient way environmental problems. As a result of the commitment to follow a green ethic the Company has obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorization DDAP1-288-2012.

The green policies of the paper mill are denoted in the industrial choices that it has made: In fact, it has installed innovative plants for the production of electricity and heat energy and for the purification of water.
As a result of a policy of investments in technologies there was significant reduction in air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.
A sustainable economy is the only option that can help the economic recovery of the whole country and in particular of the territory where the Paper Mill is developing, a winning choice that the Ghigliotti family embraces. The use of recycled paper as a raw material has environmental benefit because reduces deforestation.
In order to raise awareness of the theme of recycling, every year the ReLife Paper Mill hosts primary and secondary schools.


recovery of unused thermal energy
lower consumption of fossil fuel
greater energy efficiency
reduction of CO2 emissions


In 2014, in the paper mill installed a cogeneration plant. It was selected under the Piedmont Region’s 2007-2013 ERDF ROP and the assistance was financed thought  Community resources from the ERDF, of the Italian State and of the Piedmont Region.
The new high-efficiency cogeneration plant (which simultaneously produces thermal energy and electricity) called ECOMAX 27 HE was produced by AB Impianti. This Plant produces the total rated power at full load equal to 2,681 kwe and is powered by natural gas. The plant produces electricity that is fully consumed by the production site of the Company, while the thermal energy produced by the engine cooling system and the smoke tube exchanger is used for the company’s technological uses in the form of hot water and steam.

Unlike other less modern plants, ReLife Paper Mill does not disperse in the environment the thermal energy that is almost entirely recovered and reused.

The lower consumption of energy resources, achieved through the investment in green technology, achieves lower pollution targets with consequent environmental benefits on a regional and global scale so as to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability through significant emission reduction of CO2.


The ethics of green economy of the paper mill is at the forefront also in the management of water, essential for the production of cardboard. In its production process of the water is necessary, which is why it is daily committed to implementing purification processes essential to reduce the environmental impact and respect the BAT sector.
The Company treats the water coming from the production process with a water purification plant, which has been realized in order to fulfill the commitments and objectives of environmental sustainability that Paper Mill of Bosco Marengo has set. The plant consists of two stages of purification, the first chemical-physical and the second biological, which allow the recovery of a good part of the purified water reducing the environmental impact. The upstream water is returned clean downstream of the production plant.

Certification FSC®

Certificate products FSC® available under request

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international non-governmental organization that promotes an efficient management of the forests in the world, which is environmentally sound and socially and economically sustainable. To learn more, visit

ReLife Paper Mill is certified FSC®. The obtaining of the certification FSC® shows that the Company operates in a responsible way from the environmental, economic and social point of view.